Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's a New Year and we have a new president, and HOPE is the buzzword. Here's hoping. So far, 2009 has had its rough patches for yours truly, the worst being the sudden and unexpected death of my beloved Stevie, my female wheaten terrier. She would've been 10 in March. On the morning of January 5th, she howled and died instantly, and all the king's horses and all the king's men . . .

We still have Jimi gracing us, who turned 12 in December, but without Steve it's like one hand clapping. She was a jewel, a truly sweet little girl who loved mountain meadows and wading in an icy creek, riding in cars and a good dinner. She was a real mama's girl, adoration personified (canineified?) I miss her awfully. 

Then, I lost a very valuable ruby from a ring my mother had given me years ago, a microwave blew and caught fire, and I had to replace a brand new tire because of a nail puncture, and I caught a cold. I'm just assuming that the Fates had to get this crap out of the way so the rest of the year can soar.



main street diaries said...

Hey Alicia,

I've been feeling the exact same way! In January my husband broke his ankle, the furnace broke on the coldest night of the year, the washer quit, and now we all have colds. I have since found out that Mercury was in retrograde for most of January, which explains the appliances, but I like the idea that we're just getting the worst part of the year over with all at once.

I'm really sorry to hear about your dog, though. At least she died suddenly. We had to put our dog down last year and it's much better if you don't have to make that decision.

Alicia said...

Thanks Rebecca, so good to hear from you and yes, I'm glad it was quick and her last few hours were so normal and happy. Dogs give us so much with the Catch 22 of their relatively short lives.

Hey! I read your very warm and funny essay in the Waccamaw Journal! I was going to write you and here now you've posted to me! What is that, serendipity? I'll drink to serendipity!

Andrew Roe said...

Hi Alicia,

As I said in my email, so sorry to hear about your pooch and the bad start to the new year. It's now February and so far so good I'm hoping?

I also wanted to chime in here to say how much I enjoyed Rebecca's essay in Waccamaw as well. Damn, it was good. I forwarded it to my wife, who also adored it.