Thursday, April 16, 2009

Putanesca, Baby.

Whipped up a sexy pasta puttanesca tonight.

Here's how:

All ingredients from Trader Joe's.

Olive oil
Tin of anchovies
jar of capers, drained
jar of pitted kalamata olives, driained
red pepper flakes (some like it hot)
large can of diced tomatoes
jar of Trader Joe's Arrabiata sauce
about 12 large cloves of garlic, chopped
a fistful of Italian parsley, chopped
bread crumbs, toasted, about a cup
a pound of whole wheat linguine cooked al dente
Parmesan cheese

In a large, cold pan, mix the olive oil and anchovies, turn on the heat low and poke and mash at the anchovies until they start disintegrating. Throw in the garlic and continue cooking with very low heat. When the garlic softens and the anchovies are pretty shredded, add the parsley, and some red pepper flakes, keeping the heat low until the parsley is cooked a little. Turn up the heat to medium or so, not letting the garlic brown, and dump in the canned tomatoes with its juice, more pepper flakes to taste (plenty!), the Arrabiata sauce (or another can of tomatoes in puree), some black pepper, the olives and the capers. Bring it to a good simmer at medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes, then dump in the cooked al dente pasta. Lower the heat and toss it together , then add the toasted bread crumbs, and mix it all up some more. Serve with good parmesan cheese or a parmesan/reggiano mix, and a glass or three of red wine. You can also add some red wine to the sauce in the simmering stage.

Weep for the whores of the world.


katrina said...


Alicia said...

I thought we'd have some leftovers for today, but noooooo. Between the three of us the leftovers never made it to the fridge (it was even better after cooling and settling down).

It's fun to be cooking again, the upside of the economic downside.

Andrew Roe said...

Double yum.

And all ingredients from Trader Joe's. I'm on it.

As for the glass or three wine: I say that's crucial, especially on a Friday night (which, I believe, is what tonight is).

Just had to add that my word verification for posting was "pingler." That will have to show up in a story...

Ms. Theologian said...

I keep meaning to ask if you're part Italian. I guess I don't have to ask....I'm going to say yes.