Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol Redux

Definitely, the best season ever. Danny Gokey got eliminated last night, but his version of "You Are So Beautiful" made me cry and still haunts me. Kris Allen sang "Heartless" on Tuesday night, and it's one of my favorite Idol performance ever. Kris killed.

And then there's Adam Lambert, all talent and glam angelic goth. They're all shining super stars.

And hey, didn't Jordin Sparks look hot in all her voluptuousness? You go, girl.

And while I'm on the TV subject, this year's Celebrity Apprentice was pure entertainment, despite the nepotistic, ever more weirdly-coiffed pompous and bloviating Donald Trump. I was glad Joan Rivers won, let's hear it for old people! We'll all be there someday (if we're lucky).


katrina said...


BTW, Did you think it was in bad taste that Katy Perry wore Adam's name on her cloak?

Alicia said...

Re: Katy Perry, well it IS a popularity contest, and everyone tries to pull for their favorite. Adam is such a phenom! So much talent this year, and it's been a blast to watch. Last night, when Danny Gokey played out with "You Are So Beautiful", wow. He wrecked me. I love getting a big emo surge from a performance.

katrina said...

yeah, good point. I was happy.

I usually am only moved by Adam, but Kris's "Once" song moved me.

katrina said...

And I loved Alison too. Adam and Alison's duet was fun to witness.