Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I One-Clicked Today

Three books, one-click.

Pasha Malla's The Withdrawal Method, which just won Canada's DANUTA GLEED Literary Award for best first collection of short fiction, and may I mention how adorable and funny Pasha Malla is? He scored $10,000 for this one, drinks on Pasha!

Also one-clicked Dennis Lehane's Gone Baby Gone for particular inspiration, and Jhumpa Lahiri's collection Unaccustomed Earth, whose stories, I hear, are so good they make you slit your wrists and gouge out your eyes.

As always, I encourage supporting independent bookstores (but Amazon is so fucking cheap, whaddareya gonna do?)


katrina said...

I LOVED Lahiri's collection.

Andrew Roe said...

Ah yes, Amazon guilt. I know it well (though lately my purchases have been nonexistent).

Where I live, though, there are no independent book stores. So it's either Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

Alicia said...

Kat, I'm really looking forward to Lapiri's collection!
Andy, Amazon guilt, bingo! You can't beat their prices, unfortunately. We have Vroman's in Pasadena here, a great bookstore that I love to browse, but you pay full retail. At Powell's online you can order used books, but that doesn't help writers much.
One-Click is so very seductive.

R. Gay said...

I have been on the fence about Lahiri's collection (though I loved The Namesake), but I just bought it for my Kindle. You weakened my resolve. Also, I agree about Amazon, and I live past BFE so its my lifeline.