Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well Blow Me Down

I just found out today that my story "Desilu, Three Cameras" published in FRiGG has been chosen as a Notable Story of 2007 in storySouth's Million Writers Award, 2008! And this makes me very happy! And it even got an asterisk, meaning more than one preliminary judge nominated it! Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel!

Is it too narcissistic to mention I won this award back in 2005 for "Toggling the Switch"?

Because I did!


Andrew Roe said...

"... legs like anacondas." Wow. Damn. Great stuff.

Congrats, Alicia.

Alicia said...

Thanks Andy, my one and only!

Debbie Ann said...

you are a woman!

Great story, Leesha


Rebecca Barry said...

Hey Alicia,

I just read the story and it's fabulous! It's such a cool idea and I love the breakneck pace of it. And your sentences totally pack a wallop. Your fiction rocks! Congrats on some well-deserved recognition.

Sanjeev said...

Found the blog while searching for Yates's “Oh, Joseph, I’m so tired”.

Read Desilu. The three voices, at least in the format it is in, was a bit confusing. But I liked it when I got what it was you were trying to do after reading your explanation at the end. Perhaps some kind of section demarkator would have helped. Its probably there in your original but not the online version at that page.

I read Toggling the Switch after that and really loved that story. Nicely written. Far superior to Desilu.